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 A few years ago we started photographing what we call the formal formals and also a few informal formals. Our clients responded very favorably to them both but mentioned the informal images the most. 

We always start out photographing the formal formals first. We always make the formal formals in color and black and white. Here are some examples.

The Brides Family in Black and White

  Bride, Groom and Bridemaids in Black and White Bride and Groom with the Groom's Men Bride and Groom with the groom's family

Bride and Groom with the Groom's grandmother Bride and Groom with Brides mother and father

The Bride and Groom Kissing The Bride and Groom Cuddling Bride and Groom in Black and White



These formal formal images are wonderful and will create cherished memories for years to come. Here are some of our informal formals. They will also create cherished memories but with more smiles and laughter.

The Groom and his Groomsmen!(C)J.BRANDANO

The Wedding PartyA more natural,relaxed fun image

The Bride and her MaidNot the usual pose but one that they requested !!!


The Bride and Groom under a Street Light The Bride and her Veil

         The next few are images made later in the night, outside and lighted with a flashlight.

The Bride and Groom at night in front of the gazebo

Bride and Groom at night Bride and Groom at nightI love you Not your usual Bridal Pose but a fun one to capture.This young women was so much fun to photograph a natural comedian




2.Janet Houle(non-registered)
The pictures are beautiful they are amazing.the best to both of you! Love you both
1.Peter Brandano(non-registered)
Your images just continue to amaze me. There are so many that deserve a frame that I told Dayna she willl need a bigger house. Great job Phyllis and Jim. We cannot thank you both enough
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