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We create unique designs for each wedding album so no two are alike. After the brides and grooms receive the images we make at the wedding, we ask them to select 20 to 25 images for the album. We let them know that more than likely, we will add a few images to help us tell the story of their day. Of course they always see a preview of the album online and are able to request changes if they like before we send it out to our printer. This first album was created with images from the wedding of Anna and Brian. As you can see, it was a beach wedding and we were really happy with the images.


We realize that with the economy the way it is and the amount of album making websites online, choices can be difficult. We keep our prices reasonable because we want our couples to not only have professional images from their wedding but also an elegant and professionally designed wedding album. If you are not hiring a "Craig's List" photographer then why would you hire a company that does not offer the highest quality product. Twenty-five years from now you want to be as proud of your wedding album as you are of each other!!! Don't you??



The next album is from the wedding of Laura and Matt. It was also a wedding held outdoors but not on a beach. You can create great images at every wedding no matter where it is held.




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