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1) What is your style ?

    At JP Brandano Photography we are primary photo journalists with hints of fashion and fine art influences.

2) Where can I see samples of your images and albums?

    We are on Facebook, Twitter and have our own web page and blog. We also bring sample albums as well as images on our      IPAD!

3) What equipment will you bring to our wedding day and do you have backups for all of it?

    Our equipment list contains:

   4 Nikon's DSLR Cameras so there are two backups for each photographer.

   4 Quantum flashes (we use two and have two backups)

   Our Nikon lenses include a 70 - 200 mm, 17 - 55 mm, 50 mm, 35 mm, 105 mm macro, 18-200 mm and a 12-24 mm. As you can see we bring plenty of lens. We also use photographic umbrellas and poles.

4) How many weddings have you photographed and have you photographed one like ours?

We have shot over sixty weddings of various types. We have photographed weddings in large and very small venues: houses of worship, in a butterfly farm, on beaches and in the forest under a canopy of trees, in hotels and inns. We have photographed weddings with hundreds of guest and smaller weddings with fifty to sixty guests.  No matter what type or what size, we always bring professionalism and high customer service to each one.

5) Do you photograph alone ?  

At JP Brandano Photography we always use two photographers at every event.

6) Will you provide a contract?

  We always provide a contract the moment you hire us. 

7) If our wedding last longer than the scheduled time, will you stay and if so will there be an extra charge?

We arrive when the bridal prep starts and we do not leave until the last dance. We are hired for the wedding day not for a specific amount of hours. One flat rate has no extra charges added on.

8) How long after the wedding will the images and albums be ready?

We supply a private, personal website to all brides and grooms that will have all the wedding images on it. It is  password protected so when we collect email addresses of all your guests, they will also receive an email invitation. That occurs usually within 2 to 3 weeks. After the images are posted, we ask the couple to choose twenty-five images for their album. The albums are available online for the couples approval within 2 to 3 days of our receiving their choices.


9) Can we meet and spend sometime together before we hire you?

We encourage our brides and grooms to do just that. It is really important for all of us to feel comfortable.


10) Do you offer anything that most other wedding photographers do not?

We almost always attend the wedding rehearsal. We feel that so many ceremonies are different seeing the rehearsal only helps us be better prepared. It is also a time to meet the wedding party and for them to see our style and personalities. We also offer the guests at each wedding an opportunity for a portrait.







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