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In my last blog post titled  "5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer" the first question listed was "What is your style"? I answered that we are primarily photo journalists with hints of fashion and fine art influences. On the first day, I received an email asking me just what that meant. I thought I would answer that question in a separate post complete with examples. 

By photo Journalism, I mean that only about 5% of our images are staged or given much direction. That 5%  mostly accounts for the images we make during the formals section of the wedding day and even then, we give minimal direction. I want the people in my images to look relaxed and NOT staged. I'm less concerned with where their hands are and more concerned where their minds are. I want the wedding party to have a fun experience and find that less direction helps achieve that. If there is a large wedding party, we will help arrange people so that we can see everybody in the image. Phyllis and I try to keep the mood light and enjoyable.

We are always looking to make images right from the beginning of the wedding day, which for us means starting at the bridal and groom preparations. I would estimate that all but maybe 1% of those images are candids or photo journalistic. The same can be said for the reception images; we are making images right up to and including the last dance. I would also say that the ceremony is almost all photo journalistic with two of us photographing the ceremony. We try to capture both the ceremony and the guest looking at it. 

This image of the Maid of Honor was taken during the time when the wedding party was preparing for the day. She was standing off to the side when I saw her and took this one image before she caught me taking her picture.

 This next image of the bride was taken in the moments just after she put on her wedding dress. I love the laugh and spontaneity captured in this image. I could never had created this moment with directions.

This image of the groom was taken in his room before he started putting on his wedding attire. He was looking  out the window in deep thought.

This image of the bride was taken into a mirror, a great way to take a candid image.

This is the bride waiting for the ceremony with her parents. I shot this from across the room and they had no idea I was making this image. This would be an example of an image with journalistic style and fashion influences.

When I saw the bride taking on her cell phone, I moved my position to frame her in the picture on the wall. Once again, journalistic with influences of fashion.

The groom putting on his shirt was again composed in a journalistic style but I think with fashion influences. 

This bride looking away from me and toward a window is a little different and breaks a rule. You should always see the subject's face! I think in some cases you break rules and try for a unique image. This is another journalistic style with a fine art influence. The next few all fall in that category. 

 It is very possible to take candid images during the ceremony especially if you photograph the guests.

 The last few are more examples of our journalistic style with fashion and fine art influences.


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