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In the last few weeks, I have read a few blogs that speak to writers block. I am a photographer first, a writer a distant second but I do understand having that type of block. As a photographer a creativity block can be painful. One of the reasons I always talk about ABS, always be shooting, (see previous blog on subject) http://jpweddingphotograpy.blogspot.com/2011/02/b-salways-be-shooting-always-be.html is that it helps me fight that block. It acts as a jump start for my creativity, pushing me to look and see and stretch my creativity. It is not always a successful image, in the sense that anyone else will ever see it but it will help me out of a creative rut. Just the act of doing will help me forget my block and start thinking in a creative manner. It helps in one of my other outlets, too, my cooking,  I will just take out whatever I find in my refrigerator and put together a meal. Now I know better then to stretch my creativity too far in my cooking: after all someone will be eating it. A piece of snapper prepared in a sauce spiced with hot peppers, whip cream and strawberries will not make for a great supper or a happy wife!!


Many times at the start of a photographic day or night, I will shoot something, anything just to shake off the mental rust.




If we are in a hotel room, it is not unusual for Phyllis to wake up and find me in my robe photographing something from our window or balcony. I just need to wake my creative muscles and this works the best for me. Sometimes it is while were waiting for an elevator at the top of a parking garage







I see a blue sky and I automatically point my lens at something. I am trying to make an image out of elements that I know will work together: bright colors, great light and interesting lines. But the trick is not to just document but to be creative like taking just an angle of the building not the whole building. Hopefully, this creates something interesting if to no one else, at least to me: something that will get my creative muscle flexed and ready for action.


If I am waiting in a hotel lobby for a client, I put my camera to my eye and start looking for an image.




I'm looking for colors, interplay of shadows and interesting angles. I love saturated colors and will often look to them for my images. Will they all be great images? Nope. Most will never be seen by anyone other then Phyllis or myself.  What they will do is keep my eye sharp and my inner eyes exercised.




When the day is over and we are in a restaurant, do I stop stretching my creativity? No, although I suspect Phyllis would love me not be the nut that people are looking at and wondering, "Why is that guy taking a picture of the bar?"


Ok, now that we're on our way back to our room, and we have been photographing all day and evening, does it stop? What do you think?


This is the lobby on our floor. I thought the muted light, colors and patterns were interesting. Phyllis didn't even know I shot this. I can be quick lol.


So we are in our room and we're both tired from a long day. Phyllis is watching something on TV or reading. I am on the balcony again, looking at the night, with my camera: seeing the light, dark and colors.








Will any of these images ever be sold? I doubt it. I would not have used them other than in this post. That was never the point of taking them. It was a mixture of pushing my creativity and the fact that I really do see best through my lens. I would love to hear how others chip away at their creativity block.

I have told you my method. What is yours? Sharing our methods might help others with their blocks. You can turn your creativity block into learning blocks that can be a great foundation for your art. Let us know.


By the way, the next morning???




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