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I am a lucky person to be a photographer and even luckier to photograph weddings. I see, if not the happiest day in a couple's life, one of the top two or three. Think of it as a day full of hope, love and beauty. I am able to witness and record the entire day. We always start with the bridal preparation part of the day. Dayna's wedding day started in New Hampshire at ACT TWO, a salon, where they do a great many things well including makeup and hair. We spend more time with the bride than the groom it is true. I tell all couples that on the wedding day, the bride is the main course and the groom is a condiment. At least as photographer, that is my belief,

After we left the salon, we went back to the hotel for the bride to finish dressing. There is a special look when a bride sees herself for the first time in her gown on her wedding day. A look of apprehension, maybe but that slips away rather quickly and then you see the look of pride and happiness mixed with a not so small case of nerves. I have never seen a bride that did not look lovely including my own beautiful bride, Phyllis. Something about that gown adds to a bride's confidence. She glows, she really does and I am the first man to see her in it. 

It was no different with Dayna, she looked beautiful. It was a little different for me, though since I have known her all her life. Dayna is my niece, my brother, Peter's daughter. Her mother, Joyce passed away much too early in life, and I met Joyce when I was a teenager. She was a stunning looking young women too, that many people thought of this day. She would have been so proud to see Dayna so beautiful, but even happier to see Dayna so happy!

Here are some images of Dayna on her wedding day made by her Uncle Jim and her Aunt Phyllis. We love you Dayna and will RIcontinue to be proud of you.



Carol Morin(non-registered)
Dayna what a beautiful bride you made, also looking so happy. Your uncle and aunt did a beautiful job with the photography, but remember it takes a good subject to make it great. Much happiness to you and your "condiment."
Gorgeous pictures. I am smiling looking at them. I have never seen Dayna look so happy. You captured it beautifully Uncle Jimmy.
These pictures are gorgeous! Dayna's happiness radiates in all of them.
Dayna, you were a gorgeous bride and you made me proud to be your brother. You did a wonderful job putting together a day that will a wonderful lifelong memory for all of us.

Uncle Jim and Auntie Phillis: Your work is always incredible, but what a wonderful job you did here. THANK YOU!
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