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As a photographer I am always seeing ideas. Looking for inspiration to help make my next image. On the trip up to New Hampshire to photograph Dayna and Alan Ellis's wedding, as we often do, we stayed at the Hilton Hotel chain. After checking in our first night on the road we stepped into the elevator heading up to our floor. As the door close I saw a Hilton advertisement it was an image of a young girl, laying stomach down on a  Hilton bed, her face resting on her hands. A playful look on her face. She was obviously very happy being in a Hilton and I could almost hear her parents telling her to get ready for dinner. I saw that picture three more times and my third eye started seeing it as a new image. My third eye, you ask. That is the eye that sees creatively and inspires us to create our art, not just me but all of us .

 I knew it would b  a playful image but not of a young girl, but of a bride on her wedding day in her wedding gown. I could remember seeing Dayna at the same age this young girl was and could remember her always having a smile. I saw the image I wanted to make. Thankfully when I asked Dayna to lay on the bed in her beautiful wedding gown, she didn't worry at all about messing up her gown. She playfully flopped on the bed with a big smile and while laughing asked for help moving into position. There was the young Dayna I remembered and hopefully I captured that young, playful Dayna but now as a beautiful young women on her wedding day. I hope she likes this image as much as I do because she helped create it. It was created with an uncle's love and with wishes of a life full of happiness and love. 

So that is how I received inspiration in a Hilton elevator and why you need to keep all three of your eyes open all the time 



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