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"“The order is rapidly fadein'/ And the first one now/ Will later be last/ For the times they are a-changin'”  

For Phyllis and I wedding and event photography were the first order of business, then came what we really loved, photographing nature and the world around us. Lately we have made the decision to change that order. I still love shooting weddings and people but the business of it has worn me down. We have decided that a wedding we are really excited about photographing in November will be our last wedding. We will be now exclusively be concentrating on nature/travel photography.

​I started thinking about this around six months ago and we cancelled our national advertisement then. I wanted to make sure I was positive about this decision and after our trip to the Canadian Rockies, I am. The wedding photography was never about a need for money, truth being it was nice to make a little extra cash, but not necessary. I am going to devote my energies into making our blog a travel blog. We will write about places we travel to and naturally post images from those trips which will always be available on our web site at a low price.

We will even offer reviews of hotels, restaurants and sections of Florida, North America and Europe both from a travel point of view as well as a photographer's point of view. We are hopeful of having guest writers contribute on any travel or photography related area that they are interested in. If you're someone who would like to contribute please contact us. Most of all, we want to have fun with this and hope readers will feel the same way.

Lastly Phyllis and I want to thank the Brides, Grooms, their families and friends for making all these years such a blast. We honestly enjoyed every wedding we photographed and gave a 100% of ourselves to making beautiful memories while making it fun for everyone. You see we were trying to make memories for all of you but a side benefit was that we made wonderful memories for both of us. Again thank you to everyone.

I am posting some of our ( not all of them) favorite images from our weddings as a final thank you.



Janice Sofia(non-registered)
This was put together so beautifully. I know it must have been difficult to choose from your thousands of beautiful pictures. You captured so many wonderful moments in a bride's special day. Good luck to you and Phyllis in your new adventure and look forward to seeing your travels thru your lens. You do such a wonderful job. Happy traveling!
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