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I am an Italian American, second generation born in the USA. I love my country and I am very proud to be an American but I am also extremely proud to be of Italian heritage. When we were young, we would say there are two types of people, Italians and those that wished they were. I do not say that anymore, after all I am an adult,  but secretly I still believe it.

I believe that Italian food is the best. Its simplicity and the amazing flavors are again, in my opinion, without equal. Our history of artists; Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Donatello, Sandro Botticelli cannot be equaled. Entertainers, could there be a question? Sinatra, Dino, Caruso, Pavarotti, Lanza, Como and the list just keeps on going. Not in my opinion!!!

I have been to Italy three times. My first time when I was only 7 years old with my Nana and Nono (grandparents). That is me in 1955 next to my Nana with her hand on me just to be sure I didn't fall off the stairs or poke my eyes out with the sword.

Phyllis and I have made two trips with a fourth one coming up in a year or two. Of the cities we have visited, Venice is my favorite, I could give reasons one after the other but I think i's fair to say it just speaks to me. Speaks to me in a way that no other city anywhere ever has. What about Roma, is it not worth a trip? It is very much worth not just one visit but multiple visits.

Modern and old, past and present go side by side, all the time. Whether you are in Rome for 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months, be prepared to step into the world’s biggest open air museum. You can decide to follow the typical tourist paths or you can be lucky or brave enough to go off the usual tracks. One way or the other, Rome will seduce you and it will hardly leave you indifferent. It will surprise you like a beautiful middle aged woman that has still plenty to offer and whose beauty is just been merely blurred by time passing by.

Rome is one of world's most photogenic cities - not surprising when you remember what's here - the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps ...Roma is one of the truly great cities in the world. 

I loved walking around Rome all day but at night, at night Rome becomes ROMA. The people come out to play and as Dino sings about they walk down the avenues, two by two, romance seemingly always in the air.

The smells of food floods the air and you can hear wine glasses clicking as people toast each other and life.

Life is to be lived, enjoyed, savored and you cannot really do all that without love, not if you're italian. By the way, if you're in Roma and in love, than what nationality you are does not matter. At those moments in Roma we are all Italians.

Day or night you will enjoy Roma and if you do not, I feel a sadness in my heart. Not for Roma, but for you because as you walk around these ancient streets and among these beautiful people you feel a warmth, a love of life, a friendliness that makes you want to come back again and again. Because you see, the best part of Roma are the Italian people. These wonderful people who are passionate about everything, especially food, vino and love!!

If you travel, then go to Italy. Visit Roma and all the ancient historical sights. But what will make you want to come back to Roma is not those buildings but instead the people of Italy. They are truly special.

As in all places, you will enjoy Roma better if you take someone you love to share it with you.


Carl Rossi(non-registered)
Wonderful images to reminisce with. The next time we go to Rome, we are thinking about a month stay. Been there three times and have just scratched the surface of the 'world's biggest open air museum'. I love that phrase!
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