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In April of 1976, I moved to Arizona and fell in love with it immediately. We moved to Phoenix but when I really fell in love with Arizona was when I traveled to Sedona. Sedona is north of Phoenix in the Verde Valley. The  main attraction is the beauty of the desert especially the array of red sandstone formations. The formations appear to glow in brilliant orange and reds when illuminated by the setting or rising sun. Sedona was named after Sedona Arabella Miller Schnebly, the wife of Theodore Carlton Schnebly, the city's first postmaster.

The Schnebly name is affixed to a road you will want to travel when you visit Sedona.

The road starts right out of the town of Sedona and provides jaw-dropping vistas as you ascend nearly 2,000 ft on seemingly countless switchbacks.


Shortly after you leave town, the road becomes gravel and can be quite bumpy in spots.  You should be fine driving the road to the summit in a passenger vehicle but you will want to drive carefully and keep your eyes peeled for giant 'potholes'.  From along the road you will have some amazing views of the desert in all its beauty with Sedona in the background, as you can see in these two images.

            As you drive around Sedona you can view the Red Rock formations around each turn in the road.

Courthouse Butte (seen above) is very close to Bell Rock and you are allowed to walk right up close. On Bell Rock you can even walk on it.

If you venture out into the desert, never very far from a road or your car if your careful, you will see amazing views of this truly beautiful landscape. Many people jog in the shadows of Bell Rock and Courthouse.

All of the images were taken right around sunrise or sunset, the golden hour of light, which I will write about in a post very shortly.

At this point, I will let Sedona speak for itself through my images. Just look at the colors! Are you surprised by all the green? Many years ago, I was. Look at the dramatic skies and overall light that makes up this palette of natures colors!




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