Some may have noticed I have changed the name of our web page and blog. We are now  JP Brandano Photography  at 70 MPH. I am months away from being 70 yrs old and I started thinking about how that might change my style and mission in Photography. I am excited about this next part of my photographic journey which now is in its 5th decade. I also know that many of my fellow more experienced photographers ( if not in photography skills then in life skills) are out there shooting at 70 yrs. I know this because I have seen them this year in Florida,Arizona,Vegas,Zion NP and Arches NP both in Utah plus Monument Valley in Navajo Country. I decided I should focus my web site and blog on the  older photographers who have been shooting for a while or just starting.

I will focus most of our travel tips on that age group but always willing to share with all ages of the lovers of the art of travel photography